Second jobbers improve pay by up to 105%

Accountants who qualified on December 11 are seeing their packages improve by an average of 46% as they move to new jobs with exceptional candidates receiving raises which more than doubles their existing pay, according to data collected by recruitment company FSS Financial.

The biggest pay is going those moving into banking and finance with salary increases available in excess of 100%. Base salaries in corporate finance offer candidates an average of only 40%, but with unquantifiable bonuses.

However, the Big Five have seen improvements in the recruitment stakes with more movement between accountancy firms instead of the traditional haemorrhage of talent to banking and finance.

Kate Davision, director at FSS Financial, said: ?There are encouraging signs for the Big Five this year, because there is so much more movement between practices rather than out of the industry altogether.?

E-commerce is proving more and more attractive to the newly qualified though the survey shows wage rises are not growing as fast as other sectors but deals include attractive share options.Employers struggling to fill overseas postings are creating new breed of expatriate, says PwC

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