Football season ticket prices face tax hike

Premier League and Championship football clubs may have to substantially
raise their season ticket prices to cover increases in local tax rates.

The new system, which is the business equivalent of council tax, will see
Manchester United’s having to fork out £1.3m a year extra in taxes for their Old
Trafford grounds, Arsenal’s Emirates £1.4m and Liverpool’s Anfield £746,500 the

Overall, teams in the Premier League could see their business rates increase
by over £9m from £12m to £22m. The Championship is not far behind with teams
seeing their total rates rise from £5.1m to £7.2m a year.

Justine Greening, shadow communities and local government minister, said:
“Even football, our national sport, is not safe from Gordon Brown’s tax rises.”

“If clubs pass on these extra costs, it could mean even higher ticket prices
for fans. I’m sure many will think it is time to show this Government the red
card,” he added.

Every five years stadiums receive a revaluation which takes into account
revenue generated from games at the venue, the club’s performance, television
fees and sponsorship.

The valuation has come under criticisms as it was carried out in 2008

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