Taking Stock – Food for thought when in a crisis.

Spare a thought for Ernst & Young staffers who had to suffer untold hardship during the petrol crisis. When TS contacted the Big Five firm in London to see if business had been affected, we were told it had, in a big way. The menu in the staff canteen got shorter as the protest continued.

TS had visions of the E&Y ones nipping across the road to St Thomas’s Hospital, which would have benefited from emergency deliveries for a quick feed. E&Y’s overnight couriers ran out of gas – an even rarer occurrence.

There was a similar situation in KPMG’s Birmingham office. Supplies in the snack bar hit an all-time low until a delivery van broke through the blockade. Two hours later the shelves were stripped of sarnies following a panicked feeding frenzy. (And their couriers ran out of gas.)

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