Mid-tier Net solution.

Systems Union, the mid-market financial and business software vendor, has announced the latest elements of its e-business strategy with the launch of SunSystems eBusiness Edition. It has launched the new system as part of its ongoing ambition to deliver an Internet business software solution. The system is going to be available for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 format, and will be ported to other platforms over the next few months. Jim Simpson, R&D director of operations at Systems Union said: ‘As businesses drive change in the way they engage with customers, suppliers and employees, their back-office systems need to change with them. ‘They need infrastructures that are scaleable to adapt to meet the constantly changing business needs, combined with a solution that can handle the complexities of dealing with a global supply chain and global customers.’ Organisations can now use the Internet to achieve their business goals by shifting the organisational focus from controlling the business, to providing new and innovative ways to go to market, reach new audiences and collaborate with their supply chain. ‘With SunSystems our aim is to provide the flexibility to do this regardless of how or where an organisation operates,’ added Simpson. The system is made up of two parts. The SunSystems eBusiness Gateway is based on the XML industry standard and has been designed to allow Web-based applications to access SunSystems data and submit commercial transactions in real time. While SunSystems Process Manager is a function which allows organisations to automate end-to-end business processes.

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