Finance director’s ‘pay’ reaches £15.6m

Brooks takes the top slot with a ‘total compensation’ figure of £15.6m, almost twice as much as Andrew Given, FD at Logica, who takes the number two slot.

However, Brooks basic salary is just £152,250. The rest of his worth is made up of a £62,250 bonus and share options of £15.4m.

Logica’s FD takes home a basic salary of £142,000, a bonus of £198,000 and options worth £8.5m.

The FD with the biggest basic pay is Ken Hydon of Vodafone who takes home £582,000 and received a bonus of £2.4m.

The biggest earners among FDs were revealed today in The Guardian newspaper’s annual survey of directors pay carried out by pay consultants Inbucon.

Executive pay has jumped by 28% over the last year, at least six times more than average pay rises, according to The Guardian. The survey draws its material from the annual reports of the FTSE-100.

The survey also claimed that the highest paid chief executive is Logica’s Martin Read, who has a total package worth £27.3m including a basic of £350,000, bonus of £336,000 and options of 326.6m.

Big earners among women executives are also revealed by the survey which includes Kathleen O’Donovan, chief financial officer of Invensys, whose package is worth £424,000 and Kingisher group finance director, Helen Weir, who makes £185,000.


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