Jersey citizens protest against tax changes

Jersey citizens have rallied in protest of a new tax on goods and services,
while income tax on companies is cut to zero.

The rally followed a petition that gained 15,000 signatures from the island’s
90,000 population, to protest against the introduction of a 3% goods and
services tax.

Income tax on corporations has also recently been cut to 0%, and 10% for
finance companies.

Island representatives gave the go-ahead for the new tax regime, but others
have argued that the majority of islanders are against the plans, reports

‘Individuals are concerned about their basic living costs because Jersey is a
pretty expensive place to live, and businesses are concerned because of all the
red tape they will have to deal with,’ said Alan Breckon, chairman of the
Consumer council and one of the representatives.

Tax campaigner Richard Murphy said: ‘The fact that the ordinary people of
Jersey are going to have a rally is an indication that there is massive

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