Lord Carter expects BACS tax filing

Lord Carter, author of the controversial review of HMRC’s online services,
has revealed to Accountancy Age that a successful trial of using BACS
to file tax returns would probably see the system run in tandem with other
filing channels, such as via the internet.

‘We are looking at how we can use BACS; it’s still early, but if successful
would have to be seen as an extra service,’ said Lord Carter.

An executive committee led by HMRC head Sir David Varney has agreed to use
BACS to file tax returns – an idea first suggested by a report produced for the
prime minister.

The Carter Review, fully accepted by HMRC, was revealed yesterday to great
consternation by the accounting profession. His recommendation to move SA filing
dates to 30 September for paper returns and 30 November forward from 31 January
has been viewed as ‘spoiling’ many of the sensible points he made in his review.

He also recommended linking the period HMRC has to query a tax return from
the date it is filed, and making HMRC internet service have more filing capacity
to enable accountants working on behalf of clients to file extra attachments
with returns. Both moves have been warmly welcomed by the profession.

‘We spoke to lots of stakeholders, and had tremendous input,’ said Lord
‘They don’t want anything fancy, but something reliable that will do the job.’

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