Annual reports face harsher auditor scrutiny

Companies will be under more pressure from auditors and have to provide
greater evidence to show they have sufficient financing for their business
activities in 2008 as a result of the liquidity crisis.

Auditors have warned they will apply extra scrutiny of a company’s viability,
including its access to credit for 2008 as a sign the credit crunch is spreading
beyond the financial sector.

‘Many of the normal assumptions can’t be taken for granted so while we always
tested them, this year needs particularly high levels of challenges – we are in
a new world,’ Martyn Jones,
UK national audit technical partner, told Financial Times.

Andrew Ratcliffe, PricewaterhouseCoopers
audit partner, said the effects of the credit crunch went across the whole
economy but no one yet knew how it would pan out. For auditors, this means a
whole range of questions to be asked before approving annual reports and giving
companies a clean bill of health.

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