Tax boost plans for broadband

The proposals, aimed at broadband content providers, are being discussed by the Department of Trade and Industry and the e-envoy Andrew Pinder in a bid to boost the roll-out of broadband networks.

It is believed the proposals could include a film industry-style scheme that would allow production costs to be deducted from a company’s taxable income.Tax breaks were part of a wider package of recommendations put to the government by the Broadband Stakeholder Group, a joint government and industry initiative.

The report called for ‘tax breaks for content development’ but did not reveal any further details.

Content providers have been targeted for help because the government wants to make fast internet services as attractive as possible for users.A spokesman for the DTI confirmed the e-commerce minister Douglas Alexander had received the report but would not discuss specific proposals.

‘We are considering all the recommendations of the group and will respond in November,’ he said.


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