Dot.coms not seen as greatest threat by US companies

While European companies feel most threatened by traditional firms competing through traditional means, US firms are taking the e-business threat more seriously, most fearing traditional firms who are progressing their e-business capabilities, PwC said.

And if US experience is anything to go by, European companies can expect skills shortages and lack of capital markets recognition of e-business to remain for some time.

Some 43% of the US companies surveyed said traditional competitors with e-business capabilities posed the greatest threat to their business while 13% identified companies as the greatest threat.

‘The picture in Europe is very similar, and the survey highlights that European businesses do not lag behind their US counterparts in their ambition for e-business,’ the survey found.

‘However, the survey does show that US companies are more alert to the impact of e-business amongst traditional competitors, compared to European firms. Only 27% of European respondents, compared with 43% in the US, expressed greatest concern about competition from peers who had developed e-business strategies.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has issued a five-point plan for companies to ensure e-business agility, involving: managing customer experiences, adopting the right business model, building market recognition, harnessing the power of the brand, and addressing the people problem.

Survey results in full

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