Technology – Microsoft websites hacked.

Microsoft was left red-faced last week when three of its websites were defaced, possibly by hackers using a vulnerability in the company’s web software it warned about a day earlier .

The increasingly well known hacker group, Prime Suspectz, hit Microsoft’s, .sa and .mx sites, appending a cheeky message: ‘Hey, prime suspectz owned MS again and again and again,’ on each index page.

Paul Rogers, network security analyst at MIS, said that, in all likelihood, the pages were defaced using the newly discovered weakness or ‘exploit’ in Microsoft’s Internet Information Server version five, which is used to build secure websites.

‘I would think every other exploit known has been tried against the Microsoft sites in the past and it has probably secured its servers against all of them, so the chances are that these defacements were done using the exploit in IIS5,’ he said.

The three sites are now all functioning normally.

Microsoft is at

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