Internet reform flounders

The radical proposals, floated in February by the net body’s president,Stuart Lynn, would have entailed a bigger role for governments in theadministration of the internet in return for funding.

Lynn also wanted to allow net users to vote for some members of thegroup’s board.

But the plan has been rejected by a group advising on how to make Icannmore effective.

The Evolution and Reform Committee was set up in March to deal with theflood of comments and suggestions that followed Stuart Lynn’s plans toreform the organisation.

The committee wants country code registries – which look after domainssuch as .uk and .fr – to get a seat on the board, as should somerepresentatives of the larger net community.

The committee proposed that other seats on the board would go to membersof Icann’s technical groups, as well as security experts, domainregistrars and government delegates.

A decision on the future structure of Icann will be made at a meeting inBucharest on 24 to 28 June.

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