FDs back idea of tax credit for training.

Tax incentives to encourage more spending on training would be given a warm welcome by the vast majority of finance directors, according to this week’s Accountancy Age/Reed Accountancy Personnel Big Question.

With Gordon Brown’s pre-budget report expected to be announced on 27 or 28 November, an overwhelming 63% of FDs said they would increase investment in training if the government introduced a credit.

Reg Eldridge, FD at Ace Noon Sign said it was ‘a very good idea’. He added: ‘The government used to assist with training and it was very beneficial to small companies.’

David Gathergood, FD at PCI Membrane, said: ‘With an outside incentive we would definitely invest more money.’

But many FDs said incentives would not change training levels. Rod Poxon, FD at Geismar, voted with the 23% of FDs who said incentives would make no difference. They would ‘be an administrative burden’, he said.

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