Institute structure branded ‘parochial’

The criticisms, described by the institute as ‘unprecedented’, highlight
concerns that the council structure and how it operates alongside the executive
has become ‘very parochial’, ‘ill-defined’ and should be ‘slimmed down’.

The revelations were published by the institute in papers for the council
prior to its all-day meeting that took place yesterday, with members expecting
more detail on a replacement for chief executive Eric Anstee.

One new board member said: ‘the council composition [is] very parochial and
has little interest or expertise when dealing with international matters.’

Another said: ‘I have found the existing structure ill-defined,’ while a
third said: ‘There’s too much reporting, too much rubber-stamping.’

The comments, from such senior members of the institute, will be highly
embarrassing. The institute is currently looking for a new chief executive, who
will come under immediate pressure to resolve the tensions on the council.

ICAEW president and board chairman Ian Morris admitted in his notes that
there were problems in the relationship between the council, outgoing chief
executive Eric Anstee and his senior management team.

‘Quick and efficient decision-making… relies on a level of trust between the
council and the board on the one hand, and between the council/board and the
chief executive and senior management team on the other. This, inevitably,
fluctuates from time to time,’ Morris said.

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