Taxation – Royal approval for e-Bill.

Inland Revenue[QQ] The Inland Revenue’s website includes comments on the assessment by the Tax Faculty in its publication Towards a better tax system on IR35 Countering Avoidance in the Provision of Personal Services. Also, the Closer Working Action Plan is now available.

HM Customs and Excise

Customs has issued a new extra-statutory concession. From 1 June, charities which construct new buildings solely for non-business purposes can obtain zero-rating on construction costs.

English ICA Tax Faculty

Robert Jamieson and Jane Blades will give a lecture on 12 June on the Finance Bill.

Lord Howe will give the Hardman lecture on 9 November on tax simplification.

For details see the Tax Faculty website or call the faculty on 020 7920 8646.

Chartered Institute of Taxation

The institute has sent a submission on the Finance Bill 2000: Double Taxation Relief in response to Inland Revenue paper DTR: Outcome of the Review on 30 May 2000.

More information can be obtained from the Technical Department on 020 7235 9381 or from the institute’s website.

Department of Trade and Industry

The Electronic Communications Bill has received Royal Assent. This will, inter alia, give legal certainty to electronic signatures. (Press release 25 May.)

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