Grant Thornton redeployment limits jobs cull

Scott Barnes, GT's new chief executive

Scott Barnes, GT’s new chief executive

Grant Thornton
had announced 220 jobs would go but only 160 lost their positions out of a UK
staff of 4,000.

Scott Barnes was speaking to Accountancy Age TV when he revealed
that GT would be keeping more staff by moving them to growth areas such as
corporate recovery and forensic accounting.

‘The numbers in the end were far less than covered in the press because we
were able to redeploy people into corporate recovery,’ he said.

The redundancies occurred in December.

Barnes, who took over running GT in January, is still working on his business
plan and new management team. He said he expects to compete with the Big Four,
but not in all areas and will be working to ensure that GT knows exactly what
its market focus should be.

Barnes is a former UK head of corporate recovery for GT but was most recently
global head of specialist financial services.

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