IT News in Brief – 29 July

Balancing the score

US enterprise software company PeopleSoft has announced it is working on a balanced scorecard program to give managers an overview of key performance indicators. The PeopleSoft Balanced Scorecard will fit within the Enterprise Performance Management Suite and ship in the fourth quarter of this year. Balanced scorecard specialist CorVu Corporation announced a partnership with Informix Software, the US database vendor.

FDS puts pensions in Windows FDS has produced a £195 Windows system to process tax returns for occupational pensions schemes. FDS Pension can produce computations for SA 970, SA 971, SA 973 and SA 976 forms which trustees are required to complete under the Pensions Act.

Free Internet access Business information publisher Hemington Scott is offering a free Internet access package that includes access to the Regulatory News Service and selections from its company data. Companies that already have Internet access can use the database services for #5 a month. Details from their website at

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