Taking Stock –

Now accountants like cold hard figures, the colder and harder the better, and especially when they strike close to home.

Hence, the understandable consternation at the ICAEW’s council when it could not get its hands on a figure for ‘reorganisation’ plans for its district societies.

Following a protracted presentation from the institute’s marketing and communications guru, Michael Hockney, all council members wanted was a number. Assailing the put-upon Hockney, council members demanded the costs but none were forthcoming. The communications man failed to communicate.

Peter Wyman tried to sidestep the issue by declaring the figures ‘within parameters and on target’, but that was not nearly enough for some. Up stood UK accountancy’s great matriarch, Baroness Noakes, to declare: ‘I’m dissatisfied with the response. I suggest at the next council meeting some figures be known.’

Pete and Mike you’ve been told. The Great Dame is not happy.

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