Firms put on terror ‘high alert’.

Link: City still not taking anti-disaster measures

Following briefings with the City of London Police, firms have been urged to report anything unusual.

Chief inspector Kevin Sapsford, the City of London Police’s head of community safety, said: ‘Such an attack cannot be defended by a policeforce alone, but we can help prevent and minimise the effects of terrorism if we work together.’

The police briefings were also used to discuss contingency planning in the event of a terrorist attack. Many firms reviewed business continuity plans, but were maintaining a ‘business as usual’ attitude.

A KPMG spokesperson said: ‘No intelligence suggests anything will happen, but we are being advised to be vigilant.’ Deloitte & Touche said it had reviewed its procedures to ensure they were up-to-date.

Meanwhile, insolvency practitioners said the crisis that followed September 11 only had a marginal impact on a few businesses. Tony Supperstone of BDO Stoy Hayward said: ‘In our experience, most insolvencies have come about because of poor management.’

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