UK outside top 10 least corrupt countries

Link: Global transparency body in sync with Higgs

Finland was the most honest place in which to do business, said the pressure group’s survey, followed by Iceland and then Denmark plus New Zealand at joint third.

Languishing at the murky bottom of Transparency International’s corruption stakes is Bangladesh, accused of being even more corrupt than Nigeria (132nd), Haiti (131st) and drug-producing Myanmar, which shared its joint 129th spot with Paraguay.

Amongst European Union countries, only Sweden and the Netherlands were labelled as cleaner that the UK, which was less corrupt than Austria (14th), Germany (16th), Belgium (17th), Ireland (joint 18th), France and Spain (joint 23rd), Portugal (25th) and Italy (35th).

Greece (joint 50th) sports the current EU’s dirtiest pair of hands, level with Costa Rica, the report said.

Worryingly, many of the countries joining the EU in May share Greece’s appetite for graft, with its linguistic brethren in Cyprus being most honest (27th).

Slovenia, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania were more corrupt, but still better than the Greeks, while the Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia and Poland (64th and as corrupt as Mexico) are worse. The US was joint 18th.

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