Tories slam business council for ducking CGT concerns

Gordon Brown’s high-profile business council, which holds its first formal
meeting tomorrow, has been attacked by the Conservatives for leaving capital
gains tax off the agenda.

The group, made of 15 business leaders, half of which are knights or dames,
has been described as a strategic sounding board for government policy and is
expected to discuss climate change, globalisation and human capital, the FT

The Tories, however, have seized the opportunity for criticising the
government for not using the council to thrash out business concerns over the
decision to abolish taper relief.

‘The key test of a government relationship with business is not whether it
organises grand council meetings but whether is listens to business concerns on
issues like CGT,’ said shadow chancellor George Osborne.

The government responded by saying: ‘The purpose of the business council is
to discuss long-term policies on issues that will affect the economic well-being
of the economy.’

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