Firms prepared for seige by May Day protestors

Under the section ‘corporate scum’ on the ‘official’ protesters website, PwC, the world’s largest accountancy firm, has been singled out for its work for, among other clients, US clothing retailer The Gap. PwC is just one of a list of 60 companies to be besieged by demonstrators.

Although other accountancy firms are not a direct target of the anti-capitalist protests, many are taking precautions to protect staff and offices.

A spokesman for KPMG said: ‘We will be following police advice. Certain doors that provide easy access will be closed and we are advising staff not to carry laptops and other valuables with them on the streets. We will not be closing any offices.

‘Basically there will be a heightened sense of security. Any member of staff who forgets his pass will have to be escorted into the building by their line manager.’

PKF and Ernst & Young both said they would be heeding police advice. Deloitte & Touche, which has been the target of violent protests for its work as auditor to Huntingdon Life Sciences, said it would be following ‘routine measures given by police’.

Mid-tier firm Grant Thornton, which two years ago came under siege by protesters, has given staff the option of working from home.

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