NAE: List of Exhibitors

Company Name

  Stand No

2020 Consulting Group  D11

Abbey National Business and Professional Banking  D3

ACCA/Accounting & Business  F1

Access Accounting Ltd  D1 AccountancyAge  D16

ACCPAC International  B14

Alexander Forbes  P1

Arrow Research Corporation Ltd  G3

ATC Limited  C3

Basware UK Ltd  F2  B10  D1a

Butterworths Tolley  C5

Cater Allen Bank P2  A1


Cobweb Information Ltd  P7

CODA plc  E2

Cognos Ltd  B6

Companies House  D9

Credence Software Limited   C15

Croner Publications Ltd  C16

Data Downlink Corporation  A9

Digita  C15

e-carisma  C10

Econika Ltd  C18

Easycounting Ltd  G8

Engineering Adventures  G12

Exact Software  D4

European Business Communications Group  F3a

Exchequer Software Ltd  E1

Extensity (Europe) Ltd  G1

FDS Ltd  P9

Fleming Premier Banking  A8

Financial Director  D16

Foresight EFG  A11

Foundation Systems Ltd  B1

Goldsmiths Group  G11

Hansa Business Solutions (UK) Ltd  C19

Harcourt Publishing  A10

HM Customs and Excise  A3a


ICC Information Ltd  F3c

ICSA Software Ltd  G10

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales  B4

Institute of Financial Accountants  P13

IRIS Software  E12

Jordans Ltd  C2

KisBooks  E2a

Leicester Micro Data  A13

Marylebone Company Services  A6  P14

Next Page  P1

Pastel Software  B6

Practice Track  E5

Practice Web  F4

Premium Credit Limited  C1

PROacc Systems Ltd  G2

Professional Fee Protection  D15

Professional Financing PLC  D15

Pronto Software  B2a

Reed Accountancy Personnel  C8a


Saab UK Ltd  F12

Sage Software Ltd  C6

Softwafe4You  E3

Solution6  D2

Tax Computer Systems Ltd  D12

The Chartered Partnership  G9

The Institute For Financial Management Ltd  C 11

The Royal Bank of Scotland Commercial Services  C9

The Speech Recognition Company  F5

Thompson Systems Limited  D10

Transaction Technology (Software) Limited  E12

VATease  A5

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