Crocodile Dundee: Oz tax authorities ‘bullies’

The man famed for the phrase ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie’ has
labelled the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as ‘bullies’.

Paul Hogan was speaking at a press conference for a new film project when he
accused the ATO of harrassment and bullying behaviour stemming from allegations
of tax evasion, according to Australia’s

‘Some friends of mine and people I trust are being harassed by the government
bullies… but we’ll get ’em in the end,’ he said.

Operation Wickenby is being undertaken to investigate Hogan’s tax affairs, as
well as a string of other Australian sports stars, entertainers and business

Hogan has continually objected to being called a tax cheat, arguing he had
paid his dues.

‘I’m just waiting for the big apology. “Sorry, Mr Hogan, that we branded you
a fraud, international tax wizard – I like that part – and money launderer and
gun runner. We sort of jumped in and we were wrong and I apologise.” That’s not
going to happen but it should,’ he said.

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