New SME products released by Microsoft

RMS, Microsoft Retail Management System, a worldwide system, and PSA -Microsoft Business Solutions Professional Services Automation – solely forAmerica and Canada, were unveiled amid an indulgent fanfare at the softwaregiant’s annual Stampede 2002 event in Minneapolis.

RMS integrates point-of-sale and retail management applications withMicrosoft Business Solutions – Great Plains and MBS’ small business managerfinancial applications.

The company said the ‘customisable’ products represent ‘significantadditional investments toward providing small and midmarket businesses.

Satya Nadella, corporate vice president at Microsoft Business Solutions,said: ‘Our industry solutions will deliver integrated enterprise-levelfunctionality to small and midmarket companies that need businessoperations, retail management, manufacturing, supply chain and serviceautomation solutions.’

Recognising Microsoft’s lack of focus on the small- to mid-tier market untilnow, Nadella added: ‘We know these markets have traditionally beenunderserved, yet they have the same needs and opportunities as largerplayers to transform their businesses through software. This is especiallytrue for retailers and professional services organisations.’

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