FTSE 250 commit to environmental issues despite downturn

FTSE 250 companies see the environmental agenda as key to their business
objectives and are continuing to work towards reducing emissions despite the
current economic crisis, according to a survey.

BSI British Standards researched 100 companies’ in the FTSE 250 and their
attitudes towards the environmental agenda. It found that over eight out of ten
businesses already implement some form of environmental management system.

Businesses understand the responsibilities they have in regards to climate
change with 95% insisting that their environmental performance had improved over
the last ten years.

Mike Low, director of BSI British Standards said: ‘Most people now accept
that everyone must take action on the environment and it’s clear that there is
recognition of the business and social benefits of going green in the

Just over one third of the respondents said that the single biggest
environmental concern to its business was the increase in energy costs whilst a
quarter cited reducing carbon emissions.

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