End looms for pop-up ads as web moves on

The internet had 11.3 billion pop-ups ads between January and July, according to Nielsen/NetRatings data. About nine billion, or 80%, of those impressions came from just 63 of the 2,208 companies advertising on the web.

‘Consumers may be surprised to find out that pop-up advertising comprises such a small percentage of the total ad market,’ a Nielsen/NetRatings spokesman said. ‘And while a growing number of websites are addressing consumer concern by outlawing them, we anticipate that the continuing negativity surrounding pop-ups will lead to new designs that are less intrusive and more responsive to consumer expectations,’ the company added.

According to Nielsen/NetRatings the biggest offender of using pop-up advertising is X10 Wireless, a seller of small web cameras, which has created more than one billion pop-up impressions alone this year.

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