Football managers facing tax probe

Football managers and agents are to come under a tax probe by HM Revenue
& Customs over concerns that some are engaged in tax evasion from ‘bung

The probe is believed to have been triggered by the BBC’s Panorama programme
last week which featured football agent Peter Harrison, Sam Allardyce, the
manager of Bolton FC, and Craig Allardyce, his football agent son.

Harrison has already been contacted by HMRC and according to the Daily
he is expecting another visit from the taxman following
allegations made on the programme.

Harrison, along with other senior figures featured on the programme, deny any
allegations of wrongdoing, and have threatened to sue the BBC.

Lord Stevens, the former head of the Metropolitan Police, is expected to
deliver a report into the ‘bung culture’ to FA Premier League chairman Geoff
Thompson on 2 October.

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