ACCOUNTANCY AGE BIG QUESTION: Inland Revenue service levels ‘getting better’

Some 37% of respondents who responded to this week’s Big Question survey conducted by Accountancy Age with Reed Accountancy Personnel took the view that the Revenue had improved its service. Many welcomned the introduction and development of the internet-based services. Others thought the Revenue had become more friendly.

‘They are becoming much more customer focused and approachable in the last 12 months. In the past they have been regarded as stand-offish. They are very responsive to problems,’ said Ken Hutchins of temperature control manufacturers Diamond H.

But 34% of FDs said service levels had not improved with many saying service levels had suffered due to disorganisation and a lack of communication between offices which take an unnecessarily heavy-handed approach.

‘The Inland Revenue should take a pro-active role, they should respond directly to customer queries rather than use intermediaries. I am fed up having to take legal opinion on tax matters when a simple ruling from the revenue would solve the problem,’ said Bruce Nottage of circuitboard maker Dolby Laboratories.

Sunil Patel from medical research company Ovid Technologies added: ‘The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. The departments do not communicate with each other and send contradictory correspondence to people.’

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