Jobs at risk at Navision after Microsoft deal

The US giant, which acquired Navision earlier this month, told some job losses may have to be made.

The number of losses at Navision may be small however, as the company shed 100 staff when it merged with Damgaard 18 months ago.

Flemming Beisner, Navision MD, said: ‘Microsoft will move the company forward and will produce high growth for the company.’ But he added: ‘There will be very few overlaps and lay-offs will be limited.

‘When Navision and Damgaard merged, a large part of that deal was cost saving. This deal is about growing the business and to enable Microsoft to get a foothold in the market in Europe.’

Eduardo Loigorri, Exchequer managing director, added: ‘No doubt Microsoft will be rationalising on a worldwide scale with ensuing product and headcount culls, along with the inevitable decline in customer service.’

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