Long-delayed package due from Systems Union this year

The long awaited management package which has already been delayed by 18 months due to ?performance problems? according to Simon Maye, Systems Union Technical Research Director, will definitely be introduced by the end of quarter 3 to replace its 4.2.6 version.

Maye criticised the 4.2.6 version. He said: ‘This version is disappointing and is not what people want in this age. It looks very old fashioned and chunky. But its functionality is good. If you have a pretty interface it makes life easier and we expect to find this with 5.1 version’

The company denied the ‘chunky? edition has affected sales despite what is generally regarded as a poor 1999. Maye added that errors with the original technology had created its problems, and said the company had decided not to chase the losing battle with the forms management.

The 5.1 version is being pilot tested and so far no problems have been reported. And added that companies will easily be able to upgrade from the 4.2.6 version. reports live from Softworld

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