Home Office outlines impact of Data Protection Act on partnerships

The draft instrument proposes to allow a change away from the need for each member of a partnership to register separately to the Data Protection Commissioner.

The Data Protection Act 1998 is due to be implemented on 1 March 2000, while the proposals include a raft of arrangements for organisations using personal data (data controllers) to notify the Data Protection Commissioner of the use they make of that data.

The draft also proposes to allow a single notification by schools, as opposed to headteachers and governors having to register separately.

It is also proposed the annual notification fee will be reduced to £35 from the present registration fee of £75 for three years.

Home Secretary Jack Straw said the Act was on target for completion and added: ‘This Act is an important part of the Government’s wide-ranging programme of constitutional reform.

‘The Notification Regulations will help simplify the arrangements for notification. They will remove the need for some businesses and voluntary organisations to notify at all, and make notification easier for other organisations.’

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