MP questions iSoft’s role in NHS IT programme

A member of the Commons Public Accounts Committee has questioned whether
iSoft is capable of continuing as a major sub-contractor for the NHS IT
programme, Connecting for Health.

Norfolk South MP Richard Bacon, who has been a leading critic of Connecting
for Health and iSoft’s involvement in the scheme, reacted to the company’s
financial statement on Friday by expressing serious concerns about its role.

‘I have had a look at the company’s financial statement and I have two main
concerns,’ he said.

‘The first is whether a company under investigation by the Financial Services
Authority over financial and accounting irregularities should be a major part of
this project, and the second is whether the product can deliver what is needed.

‘The report says Lorenzo is vital to the company’s future, but the review by
CSC and Accenture questions whether it will be ready by the end of next year.

‘There are now major question marks over whether iSoft can continue as a
sub-contractor for software for the NHS IT programme – whether they are fit and
capable of delivering what is needed.

‘It is a pity so much taxpayers’ money has been spent on iSoft already but
there is a question over whether any more of the vast sums already committed to
the National IT programme should go to them. It could be diverted to other
suppliers to better effect.’

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