PwC launches e-commerce venture with Microsoft

‘Determinet’, is a joint venture between PwC, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and CDP and aims to provide full technology solutions for companies looking to expand into e-commerce.

PwC is to provide a consultancy service, CDP will offer branding and advertising solutions while Sun Microsystems and Microsoft hardware and software.

The launch of Determinet follows a recent survey by PwC which found that 85% of European CEOs felt they were behind their North American counterparts when it came to e-commerce. Nearly 50% said e-commerce was the most significant issue facing their business.

‘The marketplace is awash with technologists, traditional web developers, consultants and advertising agencies all vying for a share of the internet market,’ Colin Windsor partner at PwC Management Consulting said, ‘Our clients need a solution which combines creativity and branding with technological excellence.’

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