Week in the life of: Rita Purewal, company accountant at

Monday[QQ] Up at 6.30am. Get my two sons and myself ready for the nursery, school and work.

Once dropped off, I had a one hour drive to work to Wolverhampton. Arrive at 9.30am to deal with IT issues relating to our ticket system.

Appointment at 10.00am with Manchester City accountant for the start of a series of benchmarking exercises with premiership clubs.


Travel to Derby County FC for benchmarking exercise and then back to office for review of flash report figures due to be sent to the board of directors that day.

Meeting with merchandise and commercial manager to discuss figures, which result in a reforecasted end of year projection.


10am meeting with working practices team discussing progress in the month an producing strategic timetable for the months ahead.

This team was set up 18 months years ago to document financial procedures and strengthen controls for all activities within the club. Player signing takes place at lunchtime followed by a press conference. All financial details processed and fed into rolling cashflow with contractual details having been incorporated into the administration/payroll system.


Preparation of financial results for senior management meeting today with review of actual against budget and last year variances with a view to discuss with senior managers their plans if corrective action is needed.

Afternoon meeting with finance manager to assess progress of various cost benefit exercises undertaken with business. Finish day finalising a report on IT strategy at the club.


Begin preparation for strategic medium-term business plan based on Premiership /Division One scenarios. Formulate sensitivity model to quantify effect of different levels of attendances/prices etc.

Lunchtime meeting with chief executive on my report regarding IT strategy within the club as well as a review of benchmarking results.

Weekly cashflow update reviewing debtor/creditor position in time for an afternoon appointment with catering manager regarding performance of our catering results and conclude the day with a meeting with the auditors to discuss tax planning issues.

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