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FDs swing behind the euro
A majority of finance directors have, for the first time, signalled their support for the UK joining the euro during the lifetime of the next parliament – in a marked change of heart from just six months ago, reports Accountancy Age.

Comment: The Euro – Will we lose out in the long run?
The euro is causing a sea-change in the way business is conducted in Europe.
By Lord Sharman, former chairman of KPMG International

Euro Focus – The euro: spiral of doom or bag of gold?
In this exclusive article for Accountancy Age, BBC business news reporter Jonty Bloom looks at the pros and cons of joining the European single currency and analyses the divisions of opinion on the issue in the business community. Whether the joins, he argues, will be decided by politics and not economics.

Euro Focus – Economics drives ‘loveless’ union
Despite its troublesome reputation as an EU member, the UK is taking a captain’s role in many areas.
By Julian Paleson, director of the English ICA’s EU office in Brussels

Euro Focus – The European Institutions at a glance

Leader: FDs must name euro D-day
The fact that for the first time a majority of FDs in an Accountancy Age survey are in favour of the UK joining the euro marks a significant shift of attitude from six months or a year ago.

Confusion over impact of euro on investment

Selfridges FD warns against euro adoption

Europe leads the way in merger activity

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