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The worldwide economic slowdown has wiped out signs of recovery in Europe’s beleaguered internet sector, with up to 30% of dotcoms facing consolidation unless there is a significant turnaround in trading conditions. According to the latest quarterly PricewaterhouseCoopers analysis of the top 150 internet companies, prospects look bleak for large parts of the sector, but the top performing 25% of European internet companies did outperform the FTSE 100 between January and September.

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Enterprise business planning solutions provider Adaytum, has begun commercial shipment of its latest EBP solution. Called e.Planning 2.2, the new release is the industry’s first web-based solution for enterprise business planning, providing an online forecast into likely future operating performance. It contains modules with financial analysts, line managers, executives, and administrators in mind, and combines planning and modelling with budget collection, sales forecasting, and workflow. Pricing begins at #130,000 for an initial implementation.

Adaytum receives cash injection

Access Accounting has signalled its intent to move into the CRM arena after signing an alliance with Frontrange Solutions, the largest provider in the world. This means SMEs can gain access to the CRM abilities of blue-chip companies at prices from #2,000 upwards. The alliance also gives Access an opportunity to cross-sell to the 110,000 users of Frontrange in the UK.

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