Don’t quibble over salaries!

Link: Road sweepers more respected than accountants

The study, undertaken by MORI on behalf of the British Medical Association, found, unsurprisingly, that just 1% of respondents felt accountants should get paid more.

In comparison the public felt those working in the public sector were underpaid, with 82% believing nurses should get more, and 54% backing wage increases for teachers.

But while the public believes accountants should not get pay rises, respondents did not slam the profession over its perceived lack of credibility.

When asked whether they felt professionals were doing their jobs properly, accountants did not fair too badly.

While only 12% said accountants were doing a really good job, 45% said they were fairly satisfied with the profession and 23% were neither satisfied nor dissatisfied.

Only 13% felt accountants were hopelessly inadequate.

Overall, the survey found that doctors commanded the most trust (91%), followed by teachers (87%) and television news readers (66%).

Although accountants were not polled on this matter, business leaders came in very poorly, with just 28% of respondent saying they trusted them.

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