City firms evacuate roadside rooms

Mazars, one of the largest firms in the country, is in the process of
evacuating rooms overlooking one of the City’s main roads, Beavis Marks, close
to explosions at Aldgate, because of an alert that there may be another bomb.

Most of the rooms being evacuated are occupied by the firm’s senior staff,
including senior partner John Mellows.

Morley and Scott, based in Tavistock Square, close to another explosion has
evacuated its entire building.

Other City firms appear to have been brought to halt as emergency services
deal with the explosions across London.

Staff at Grant Thornton, based next to Euston station, have been warned to
stay in the interior of the building and away from windows.

Other firms based in and around the City are also taking security measures.
They have warned workers not to travel across London, and to stay in their

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