AA Awards 2008: Small Software of the Year

AccountancyAge Awards 2008

PKF’s niche product P11D has beaten off its general business software rivals
to win this year’s award. Its unique payroll product, produced for more than 12
years, has benefited from a full re-write and now suits any size organisation
after moving onto Microsoft’s .NET framework.

It has a strong marketing pitch based on who already uses its product. From
huge swathes of top professional services firms to 15 professional football
clubs, the list goes on.

The judges said that PKF was doing something ‘different but accessible’.

‘There are a range of clients using it and having a firm doing something
different is good to see.’

In total 1,500 organisations now use the product, with a 90% retention rate.
Its product was among the first to support online tax filing, and HM Revenue
& Customs statistics show that more than 150,000 forms were submitted via
its software.

Despite being feature-rich, PKF prides itself on its low price-point. It has
achieved this through its large and loyal customer base.

The competition was very keenly fought, with Mamut unable to retain the title
which it has won three times in four years.

Sage performed strongly and the judges were particularly impressed with Sage
Instant, which they said had remained innovative in a competitive marketplace.

The praise for the other entries, of course, makes the prize even sweeter for
PKF and its IT gurus.

It pays off

The firm’s IT department takes charge for the product, allowing the
department to expand and recruit additional resources.

This point was picked up by the judges, who thought it was good to see its IT
making some money. They also praised the range of clients.

The marketing of the software is also a way in to win clients and provide
them with further PKF services.

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