Baker Tilly want kitemark branding of UK films

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The firm this week launched a campaign for the kitemark on the back of a new report, The Road to Exhibition, claiming serious changes were needed if the British film industry is to regain its former pre-eminence.

The firm hopes that the UK branding will persuade more people to see home grown movies and as a result bolster the domestic industry.

Harry Potter, whose stars attracted near fanatical support when visiting Tokyo for the film’s premiere last month, is one of the few British movies to feature on the world’s top 20 biggest earners.

‘This situation is not good for the British film industry, because the success of any film in its home market is crucial when distributors decide which films they want to release around the rest of the world.

‘If the British film industry keeps its successful projects a national secret, we will never be able to regain our lost position as one of the premier film making countries in the world,’ said Christine Corner, head of Baker Tilly’s media group.

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