Accenture clings on to HMRC ties

The government is tied in to using Accenture as a major outsourcing partner
more than two years after the company was paid £14m as part of ending its
contract to run national insurance systems.

According to Computer Weekly, Accenture lost its joint bid with
EDS three years ago to
continue running tax and national insurance systems, but is being retained for
its expertise in running the National Insurance Recording System, which holds
details on more than 60 million people.

In 2003 the two contracts for running tax and national insurance for
HM Revenue &
were combined and re-tendered. Capgemini and Fujitsu won
the contract.

However, CW reports that Accenture’s work passed to Fujitsu has been
handed back.

Attempts to transfer national insurance system Nirs2 work to new suppliers
have encountered difficulties as the new players lack the expertise to maintain
the system.

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