Age discrimination rife in the work place

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The research found that one on five workers had experienced discrimination at work, with 38% citing ageism as the cause.

Age discrimination during recruitment was more common in men, with 45% citing it compared with just 27% of women.

Ageist hiring and firing policies are estimated to cost the UK economy £31bn a year.

The survey also revealed that attitudes towards older colleagues in the workplace were negative, with many associating older employees with a resistance to change.

In response to the poll, the Association of Retired and Persons Over 50 was critical of government policy towards preventing ageism among employers as well as the code introduced in 2000 to prevent age discrimination.

‘Nobody knows about the code and it has no teeth,’ Don Steele, the association’s social policy director, told BBC News Online.

‘The firms that behaved properly complied the others carried on as before,’ he added.

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