Institutes – Collier snaps up top job at ICA

Acting chief executive John Collier has landed the top job at the English ICA and is planning a full-scale modernisation of Moorgate Place.

The institute announced the appointment last week, after finally selecting Collier from a shortlist which reportedly included ?several accomplished chief executives?.

Collier, a chartered accountant and former Price Waterhouse partner, was appointed to the temporary position of acting chief executive in November following the departure of Andrew Colquhoun.

When the #150,000-a-year secretary general?s post was advertised in March, he put himself forward.

Collier said the decision to call the top job ?secretary general?, as opposed to ?chief executive?, ?denoted an intention to have a different sort of person running the institute?.

?We want to make the institute more businesslike and less of a civil service institution, and make it more accessible to members,? he added.

His plans include reducing the number of staff on the institute payroll, cutting the number of standing committees to improve the institute?s focus and relevance, surveying the membership to identify what they want, and offering ?user-pays? services such as specialist training courses.

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