Taking Stock – Good God, biblical accounting.

All the accountancy theory you are ever likely to need can be found, plain to see, in the Bible. That’s the word from Pastor David Matherne who has posted all his saintly advice on financial management according to scripture on his website which he humourously called Free Teachings. Pastor David, who claims to have been in banking for several years, offers a little friendly advice for all those multinationals concerned about their taxation liability as a result of changes to double tax relief. We should have a giving spirit. In Deuteronomy 16 Pastor Dave tells us we should give in proportion to the way God blessed us. Ergo, if God blesses us financially we should give from that. The good pastor’s teachings extend to practical matters such as balancing your cheque book and developing a cash flow statement because in Luke 14 Jesus taught us to count the cost of any work. And if you thought Pastor David’s advice lacked a little credibility turn to his page of testimonies where Lee and Tami from Colorado say that they bought Dave’s book, put their house up for sale, and moved into a house owned by fellow Christians who promptly knocked $5,000 off the asking price when they learned the buyers were disciples of Dave. The fastest way to a discount turns out to be through the good book. According to Pastor Dave. And, at you can buy his teachings!

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