Women take the lead in web usage

More than half the amount of women working in London are now using the internet to buy and sell products, services and information compared to only 36% of men.

The number of women using the web for business purposes grew by 34% over the last 12 months,while the number of people using the internet in business grew by just over 21%, according to a study carried out by the London Society of Chartered Accountants.

Fiona Crozier, chair of the LSCA’s workplace 21st century committee, said: ‘What this poll tells us is that women are tending to be quicker at taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the new economy, and are aiming to run their own businesses on different principles than those of big business.’

Despite optimistic growth, the biggest obstacle to the majority of businesses trading over the web continues to be fear of security breaches and invasion of privacy.

Simon Marchant-Jones of the LSCA’s website group said: ‘Legally enforceable standards of privacy are necessary to ensure compliance with legislation that is to be brought in by government later this year.’

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