RSC stages consultancy by theatre

The Royal Shakespeare Company is to move into management consultancy with its “Directing Creativity” programme. Initiated as part of drinks giant Allied Domecq’s #5.5m sponsorship of the RSC, Directing Creativity began as an adaptation of theatrical techniques for coprorate practice.

Led by Piers Ibbotson, practical workshops are tailored to the needs of an organisation, be it improvement of team-building skills, enhanced communication and presentational styles or rethinking the pitch and presentation as theatrical performance. Voice workshops, techniques for working as a creative ensemble and communication sessions are also part of the programme.

“Successful companies of the future are creative, team-based organisations with a culture of sharing,” said Ibbotson. “This is the culture of success and it is the culture of theatre arts. We have deconstructed the arts process and found that those processes and skills are transferrable.”

Directing Creativity has already held workshops with companies such as Agfa, Tarmac, Mindshare, WPP Group and Origin. The programme is dividing into three sections; team building, rehearsing relationships and releasing and managing creativity.

For details call 0181 693 0076.

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