KPMG Bristol boss takes 4-day week

The head of KPMG’s Bristol office, senior partner David Clifford, has led by
example and offered to scale back to a four-day week.

The firm last week asked its 11,000 UK employees to consider working a
four-day week or taking a maximum of 12 weeks’ annual leave at 30 per cent pay,
in a bid to cut costs.

The proposal is part of a contingency plan to avoid a large number of
redundancies, but KPMG last week told Accountancy Age that it would not
force staff to work fewer hours.

‘The economic outlook is very tough at the moment so we are acknowledging
that by taking steps to adapt,’ Clifford told newspaper This is

‘There are no plans for firm-wide redundancies at the moment, these people
are very highly trained and we do not want to lose them.’

Clifford added that KPMG still planned to award some staff with
profit-related bonuses in 2009.

Staff have until 6 February to decide whether to take up the offer.

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