Infor pledges future for Pegasus/SunSystems

The new owner of Pegasus and SunSystems has revealed the company’s plans for
the popular business software products, pledging to continue with the brands but
refusing to disclose how much it intends to invest in them.

Jim Schaper, CEO of Infor, the company that bought Pegasus and SunSystems
owner Systems Union earlier this year, said his company invested 18% of its
gross revenues into R&D, but could not confirm how much of the company’s
$400m (£205m) budget would go towards updating the newly-owned products.

His comments follow concerns in the UK software industry that Infor would
milk Systems Union’s license revenue but not invest.

‘I believe our general R&D figure is higher than the level Systems Union
invested in its products, but for each separate product line I don’t know,’ said

He also made one of Infor’s first public pledges to UK businesses that
investment in the product lines would continue, saying work was underway to
integrate the products with Infor’s analytics and budgeting software.

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