TakingStock – Andersen’s Big Brother hits Wapping

Word reaches TS that consultants at Andersens are playing Big Brother down at the Wapping HQ of Rupert Murdoch’s News International, owner of The Times and The Sun.

So the story goes, the androids have installed some nifty software on the hacks’ PCs, which zaps data back to Andersen Towers showing who handles particular stories and how long they take to do so.

Understandably the writers are keen to find out what they intend to do with all this information.

TS met with a firm ‘no comment’ when it tried to talk to someone at News International about this ‘spy’ in the system.

Conspiracy theorists might like to keep an eye on how many stories are appearing about Andersens at the moment in the Current Bun or The Thunderer… Of course no one would ever dream of auditing TS. Would they?

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